The juice cleanse. A feel good story.
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to order
Currently, we’re only taking orders old-school style: by phone. Remember the phone? It's the other thing your iDevice can do.
(914) 230-0064

• All orders must be placed a minimum of 48 hrs in advance.
• Our juices need to be kept cold so make sure that you can get them refrigerated in a timely fashion OR bring a cooler with you (we have ice here).
• All cleanses include a complimentary Hydrator for each day of the cleanse.
• Cleanse packages of 3 or more days also include a complimentary “Stash” ...the emergency pack of raw nuts and seeds.
• Cleanse packages are $65 per day.
• Because these are whole, real foods & juices, there is no tax! That’s right, the government actually got it right on this one! They are encouraging us to eat healthy.

our cleanse
SUPER SIMPLE. Just choose any 5 juices PLUS a nut mylk.
We offer 1, 2, 3, up to a 5 day cleanse. We don’t recommend more than a 5 day juice cleanse.
• Have you done a cleanse before? If “no”, before your cleanse, start to eliminate some items from your diet: heavy, creamy, fatty or rich foods. Also eliminate all the starchy breads and anything packaged or enhanced. Do this for at least a few days, up to a week leading up to your cleanse. This will make your cleanse that much more enjoyable, easier and effective.
• For most people, 6 juices per day is enough, but remember, everyone is different, no 2 bodies are the same, so some people might need up to 8.
• Remember, there are no hard and fast rules, you can choose what juice you drink in what order, but it is recommended that your nut mylk is either your lunch or dinner.
• Drink a lot of cool, clean fresh water, it keeps you hydrated, and helps flush your system of toxins. You can also enjoy herbal or green tea for added antioxidants.
• Always wait 20 minutes between juices.
• You don’t have to drink an entire bottle at one time, you can split it up into 2 servings, particularly if you're feeling like you need a boost or a snack.
• Drink the Juices regularly every 2 to 3 hours.
• You can exercise (light is recommended) but please LISTEN to your body. Slow down a bit for a couple of days. If this is your first cleanse, remember that your body is cleansing itself of toxins and some of the things that your body is used to getting daily (sugars, caffeine, etc have been eliminated).
• This is NOT a fast. The cleanses are designed to give your body the necessary nutrients while at the same time your body is getting a well deserved and much needed break. There is no failure here... if you must eat a little something, we've provided The Stash (or have a quarter of an avocado and see how you feel from there). If you have any issues please reach out to us. Call or email us.
• If you have ANY concerns at anytime during your cleanse please do not hesitate to call the store and or email

cleanse juices

green juices
ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING swiss chard, celery, cucumber, kale, parsley, apple, lemon, ginger, cayenne
COOL CLEAN GREENS swiss chard, cucumber, celery
BALANCE broccoli, bok choy, celery, pineapple, parsley, lemon, ginger
GREEN LEMONADE lemon, apple, swiss chard, coconut nectar, ultrafiltered water
REFRESH pineapple, bok choy, apple, mint

red juices
NOURISH beet, carrot, pineapple
BREATHE carrot, beet, grapefruit, orange
GAZPACHO tomato, red pepper, green pepper, cucumber, onion, jalapeño, olive oil, apple cider vinegar
PINK LEMONADE lemon, apple, beet, coconut nectar, ultrafiltered water

orange juices
SPICY CARROT carrot, ginger
carrot, pineapple
pure and simple
grapefruit, orange, ginger, hint of cayenne

yellow juices
young thai coconut water, cucumber, pineapple with a pinch of himalayan salt
lemon, coconut nectar, ultrafiltered water, cayenne pepper

CINNAMON VANILLA CASHEW MYLK organic raw cashews, ultrafiltered water, cinnamon, vanilla, agave
CACAO CASHEW MYLK organic raw cashews, ultrafiltered water, cacao, agave
SPICED CACAO CASHEW MYLK organic raw cashews, ultrafiltered water, cacao, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, agave

a sample day:
• Glow - or - OJ
• Absolutely Everything - or -Balance
• Nourish - or - Restore
• Cool, Clean Greens - or - Green Lemonade
• Replenish - or - Refresh
• Vanilla Cinnamon Cashew Mylk - or - Cacao Cashew Mylk

Mint Chlorophyll Water
Aloe Water

we’re not that super-super strict, we know what it is to do a cleanse for the first time and be a little overwhelmed!

• You are not at a spa or a health retreat. We all have responsibilities and commitments. Your juice cleanse should integrate into your life smoothly, so prepare yourself for it. Much of or lives revolve around food; when on a juice cleanse use that freed up time to nourish your mind, body and spirit. Do things that you might not normally have the time to do... take a stroll, go to that exhibit, enjoy a long bath, get a massage, read a good book.. take time for yourself.

• We all have different bodies, different routines, and similarly, there is no “one way” to do a juice cleanse - it should fit in with you, not force you to fit in with it.

• Don’t worry - we've got you covered: “The Stash”!! (a mix of organic raw almonds,cashews and seeds). It's okay to eat it if it helps you through your cleanse (just chew VERY well!)... or save it as a reward for later!

• What you put into your body, 100% affects your mental outlook as well as your physical existence.

• There is no “one way” to be eating healthy, there are many different paths; but an underlying truth is that eating more whole, fresh, real foods and less packaged and processed foods, as well as more lean proteins and less starchy items (paper mache anyone?). So this'll help your body function better.

• And of course, this is an excellent excuse to get out of dinner with the in-laws!!! (“…I’d love to go, but I’m on a cleanse!!!”)

  Healthy means happy.  
Monkey Eat Healthy.
  Choose happy.  
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