Life is awesome. Let's live it.
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This is who we are.   ABOUT LILLI PILLI

  life is awesome.
let's live it.

This is who we are. let's leave.
I left home at sixteen, full of exactly the sorts of dreams and hopes that we should have when we're sixteen. It wasn't that long ago, but it was before the days of the internet: no email, no google, nobody was sexting, and we still rode in ten-miles-to-the-gallon cars, three on a bench seat, no seatbelts. So there I was, in Kalgoorlie, in Australia, the place I loved growing up in and the country I still love: young, feeling invincible, feeling ready for all the things I hadn't yet learned, offline and unseatbelted. I went walkabout. I got to camp in the Outback, using everything my geologist dad taught me on our regular camping adventures; I rode horses in the ocean, walked in the red dust of the east coast, skydived over Queensland. I made friends with a dingo, I had a pet kangeroo called Joey, I climbed eucalyptus trees with koalas. I drove a 1972 VW bug through a river in the Swan Brewery Bash. I fell in love with the natural order of things. And when I came out from down under, I continued around the world, as many of us Aussies do. I carried on adventuring: camping in the Serengeti, cooking in Zagora, ski patrol in Cervinia. I adventured for ten years, saw the most beautiful things, met even more beautiful people. I loved it all. And I'm really glad I got to do it.

let's arrive.
After my initial adventures (you never, ever finish adventuring!), I met Louis. He introduced me to America and we settled in New York. I started making real juice and real food from local ingredients because I wanted to stay fit and healthy, even though I was now living in a city. I started to do juice, to eat well, to spin, to practice yoga... and even though I wear a seatbelt these days, I splurge every so often. We all should.

let's flourish.
Lilli Pilli Berri Bar is devoted to a better way of living. Real local, real organic, real juice, real food. This is not your supermarket's organic aisle, nor is it your healthfood market's juice aisle. It's new, it's better for you, it tastes unbelievably good. Over the years I got interested in the fruits and berries I'd picked in the Outback, and discovered that there's a whole lot more to health and nutrition than just staying out of the center section of the grocery store -- where all the processed junk is. So ingredients we use at Lilli Pilli Berri Bar do more than just taste great, they help you heal, they help you thrive, and they help your body flourish the way it should.

This is who we are. let's do it together.
You are beautiful.
You are alive.
You care about the World.
You are inspiring.
You are inspiring me, right now.

Even if you can't change the future, or the past,
you have more power than you can possibly imagine.

You are here.
And you are alive.
And you can control what you eat, what you drink,
and how you think about what you do.
You can: Control. Your. Self.

let's do it.
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